Cooker Hood Cleaning
Avoid business loss which
is caused by grease fire
Dining Area Cleaning
Keep store clean and
maintain good evaluation
Grease Trap Sanitation Service
Thorough tank cleaning
includes pipes & pumps
Grease Remedial Service
Greatly reduce drain pipe blockage
Environmental friendly with no damage to pipes

About Us

LBS Group was established in Hong Kong in 1998, introducing professional restroom hygiene management concepts and technology to enhance the customer's hygiene standard. As of today, the Group's business has been expanded to more than 30 cities across the Cross-strait four regions and Southeast Asia. Listening, observing and analyzing our customers' needs, introducing the "Total Hygiene Solution" with innovative and diversified products and services to satisfy our different customers' needs.

We provide our products and services via the brands:

LBS Air Purification Services – Efficiently decompose air pollutants include formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, odor, bacteria, viruses, converting to harmless molecules such as carbon dioxide and water by Nano Catalyst and PDC-NANO air purifier, maintain a clean environment for better health

LBS Hygiene – Being your Hygiene Expert, we provide a total hygiene solution including Restroom Hygiene, Commercial & Household Pest Control, Desludging services, also have Paper & Trash Bag, Chemical Products and different kinds of Hand Cleansing & Sanitary Products

LBS Commercial Kitchen Cleaning – Professional cleaning of the entire cooker hood system, filters and visible walls between cooker hood and stove. We use safe and environmentally friendly products to give our customers a complete peace of mind

LBS Refreshment Services – Water dispensers include Carbon Multi-Filtration Technology, Firewall™ UV Purification and BioCote® Anti-Microbial Protection, also got ISO9001, WRAS, NSF/ANSI 53, 55A&B and P231 international standards, then customers can enjoy ultra pure water for everyday

Puriscent – Using different kinds of scent with diffusion system to create unique brand image, enhance brand association and brand value for customers

Cooker Hood Cleaning

Regular cooker hood cleaning is a MUST, because:

  • Can avoid business loss and casualties because of grease fire
  • Prevent food pollution which is satisfied with government's health & safety requirements
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Maintain a good working condition such as reduce indoor temperature
  • Reduce odor in eating area

Our Strength:

  • Using chemical to clean inside & outside of cooker hood system (exclude pipes which connect to cooker hood system), filters and visible wall between cooker hood and stove
We also have household cooker hood cleaning service by using chemical to remove stubborn dirt, oil stains and carbon dirt on the filters, and wipe & clean the cooker hood body to clean (exclude stoves and walls).

Dining Area Cleaning

Apart from the quality of food, the environment and atmosphere of the restaurant are important factors in attracting diners, however:

  • Keep clean dining area is not easy, especially popular restaurants
  • Some restaurants that make and sell fried foods are more likely to cause grease everywhere which may cause slipping accidents

Our Strength:

  • Services include cleaning ceilings, vents, walls, mirror pillars, floors, chandeliers, decorations and signboards etc
  • Dust removal and decontamination, even inconspicuous and fine areas can be cleaned up properly

Grease Trap Sanitation Service

Our technician will handle grease trap carefully, including:

  • Thorough tank cleaning includes pipes & pumps
  • Powerful deodorizing agent to control odor. Also, can add disinfecting and deodorizing tablet to get the best performance

Our Strength:

  • Grease trap should be cleaned regularly by professional technician, greatly reduces the occurrence of blockage and achieves the best result, and also the grease trap can perform its due function
  • Approved by different laboratory reports, disinfecting and deodorizing tablet can effectively kill E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhimurium, Legionella pneumophila and Candida albicans etc
  • Disinfecting and deodorizing tablet is also suitable for floor drainage, centralized building toilet flushing, cooling tower, sauna jacuzzi spa, decorative fountain, waste water basin of air conditioner, building, shopping mall and individual toilet bowl etc

Grease Remedial Service

We install and maintain the Grease Remedial System to ensure it works, including:

  • Inject bacteria to the pipes & traps at regular intervals
  • Provide installation, checking and maintenance, and also ensure the bacteria work effectively
  • Environmental friendly with no damage to pipes

Our Strength:

  • Bacteria product is non-toxic & non-pathogenic
  • Our bacteria secrete both extra-cellular and membrane bound enzymes actively that can continually working. It is difficult to flush away, so it can digest the grease much more than enzymes product
  • Greatly reduce the drain pipe & grease trap blockage, preventing from any related expenses, and also save the cost of maintenance
  • Reduce the plumbing frequency and cost (plumbing frequency may be adjusted depending on the type of the restaurant and waste level in the grease trap)
  • Eliminate municipal fines
  • Remove odor and protect staff's health

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